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Gardens of The Gastonian

A glimpse of a hidden garden makes it more intriguing.  The Gastonian's luscious courtyard garden, like many in Savannah, is one of the city's secret wonders, with wrought iron gates allowing just a glance from passers-by.  Like many hidden gardens in Savannah, The Gastonian's garden was designed to be seen from the street.  Tucked away behind the gate, azaleas, boxwoods and colorful seasonal plants are lined formally, by height, along the edges of a central lawn and tiered fountain.

This symmetrical, formal garden is our most popular location for wedding ceremonies and vow renewals.  It's not at all uncommon to see couples reciting their vows and being photographed for the special occasion here.   

Just around the corner from our primary garden and fountain area lies a more private, intimate garden, featuring a bricked ground-cover, a cozy swing for two, and small pool for goldfish and water lilies. 

A wooden balcony connecting the two mansions overlooks both gardens, and an area covered with wisteria vines lies between the two buildings. It's the perfect place for a morning visit with tea and a newspaper.