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Set it in Stone!

The Gastonian adds a fun and whimsical touch to each of our weddings by inviting our couples to personalized a garden stone and leave it around our Rock Fountain for posterity. 

It begins as a simple smooth garden stone, but ends up being a memory of you and your ceremony here at The Gastonian. You simply select an undecorated stone from our fountain, and use our metallic permanent markers to decorate the rock to your liking.   Your names, the date and any special message you'd like to leave behind are popular inscriptions.

The personalized stones are a wonderful way for special couples to leave a memento of their time here for all to see.  It's especially fun for the future Brides and Grooms to see the names and dates of previous Gastonian couples in this little fountain at the foot of the staircase located on the back side of the Inn.

So, whether you are celebrating a new union or renewing your vows with a cherished love, please do take time to "set it in stone" for us and our future guests. 

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