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Elopement & Small Wedding FAQs

  • What are the costs of a Gastonian wedding or elopement?
    All rates for elopement and small wedding packages are seasonal and are subject to change.  Please contact The Gastonian directly to check rates and availability for your ceremony and/or guest accommodations.  
  • When can we arrive at The Gastonian?
    Check-in is at 3 pm.  Should you arrive in Savannah earlier, feel free to stop by and see if we can accommodate an earlier check-in.  It's possible, especially for a mid-week elopement getaway, that we may be able to allow you to check in a little earlier if your room was not rented the night before.
  • May we have friends and family attend our ceremony? 
    The Gastonian welcomes up to six people, including the bride and groom, to participate in your special day.  If you'd like to invite more attendees, guests in excess of six will need to be registered guests at The Gastonian.  Please be mindful that our  garden courtyard and our parlor are not spacious enough to  warmly embrace a large crowd without some preparation.  Our Elopement Package is designed for more personal ceremonies.   If you would like to host a  larger wedding party at The Gastonian, we invite you to visit our wedding page  or ask our Staff for more details.
  • What about photography? 
    Because of the special relationship between a photographer and the eloping couple, The Gastonian welcomes any photographer of your choosing.  We are happy to provide a list of photographers who have delighted previous couples.  
  • Do any recommended hair dressers and make-up artists come to The Gastonian?
    Absolutely!  We have a list of experts who often come to The Gastonian to help brides prepare for their special day.  We'll be glad to give you suggestions for that important part of your day.
  • What if the Caracalla Suite (The Honeymoon Suite) is booked?
    The Caracalla Suite is our most requested room type for wedding couples, and while it's exquisite, it's not the only spectacular room in the house.  Our second most requested room is the Oglethorpe Penthouse, which works very nicely as it has two rooms with an adjoining parlor --- perfect for brides who do not want her groom to see the dress before the ceremony.  Our Grand Superior Rooms are  stunning and memorable --- most have large windows with ample natural light for getting ready with makeup and photos.
  • What if I want something other than roses for my bouquet?
    Our brides rave about the simple, stylish bouquets of roses.  But, if you'd prefer something different, we will happily put you in touch with the florist who can make the bouquet of your dreams.
  • What about dinner after the ceremony? 
    It would be our pleasure to make priority reservations for you at one of Savannah's many romantic restaurants.  Just ask the concierge when making your plans and we'll make sure the restaurant knows it's your wedding day!
  • Can we arrange a carriage ride?
    Carriage rides are a popular ending to an elopement day in Savannah.  We'll be happy to assist in arranging a carriage pick-up for you. We do advise booking a carriage before you arrive in Savannah, at least a week in advance, particularly if you would like a private carriage with a pick-up or drop-off at the Gastonian. Any of our Concierges would be thrilled to assist you in scheduling a Carriage.
  • What else do I need to do? 
    You must obtain a marriage license!  You will need to contact Chatham County Probate Court at 133 Montgomery Street.  Phone:  912-652-7277